Friday, August 20, 2010

"Show your knees Sunday..."

I'm not saying it's easy Sunday after Sunday to preach and speak truth, but sometimes listening to a pastor try to be funny I start to cringe in my seat. Take last Sunday when we visited a church in Bend and the pastor, at length, talked about why everyone was supposed to be wearing sandals this Sunday (something about trying to wear the shoes Jesus wore). I had on 3 inch black heals with blue trim and thought at least the open toes were probably similar to Jesus' shoes. So the pastor continued on to explain that people were asking him about dress code as he also had on shorts to match his sandals so he declared next Sunday "show your knees Sunday."

Well, having lived the past 2 years in a society were showing my knees is equivalent to showing my breasts in the West I spent the rest of the service thinking about dress codes, the Bible and whether or not God would find "show your knees Sunday" humorous. Needless to say I don't remember the sermon.

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