Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Numbers

 In some ways I think the statistics for the past year speak for themselves. Sharon and I have together done more than either of us was capable of individually. But honestly, we have been responsible for more patients than a group practice of at least 5 people. 

Sharon began her journey back to the UK yesterday where she will complete a fellowship in MFM. So, this blog post is not only a chance to share what we did together, but a plea for someone to come help! I can guarantee you a GYN surgical experience you will never forget, an opportunity to teach Kenyan interns so work can continue after you leave, obstetrical problems rarely seen in the developed world, and would gladly help arrange a safari or trip to the Indian ocean if that would make you come.

Summary of the work of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department AIC Kijabe Hospital, 1 July, 2009 – 30, June 2010

Total Surgical Cases: 1303

Total Majors: 336

Abdominal hysterectomies – 165

Vaginal hysterectomies – 26

Ovarian Malignancy – 37

VVF/RVF – 21

Tuboplasty – 24

Repair of ruptured uterus – 1

Caesarean hysterecotomy – 13

Myomectomy – 32

Vulvectomy – 1

TOA – 6

Abdominal pregnancy – 5

Ectopic with partial uterine resection – 3

Total Minors: 395

D&C – 165

BTL – 81

Ectopic – 18

EUA – 62

laparoscopy – 9

Other minors – 60

Caesarean Sections - 572

Outpatient load: ~2000 patients seen per month in gynae clinic, MCH, casualty, and labour ward as outpatients.

Maternal child health clinic: average 350-400 patients per week

GYN Out patient clinic: average 50-70 patients per week

Summary of Obstetrics Data

Total Deliveries – 2133 (previous 12 months – 1990 deliveries)

Caesarean Section – 572 (26%) (previous 12 months – 32% CS rate)

Instrumental – 33

Vaginal breech – 23

Twins – 57 sets


Dona Rientjes said...

will be praying for more doctors to come to Kijabe....the numbers look huge for a work load....continuing to pray for you & your family as you must be on overload. love you

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sara and Sharon. These numbers are too large to even comprehend. You have touched many lives and improved the health of so many woman. May God give you strength for the days ahead.
Mom F.

Jennifer said...

Wow, those are some amazing numbers. What a load on your shoulders.

Anonymous said...

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