Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Can A Church Support Its Missionary Kids?

  Yesterday back at our church in Ohio (Westminster Presbyterian) over 100 kids "Gathered At The Baobab Tree" for Vacation Bible School, just as Amelia & Meredith did at WPC in 2008.   Denise and the other VBS coordinators picked an Africa themed curriculum (Baobab Blast) to help bring their VBS kids and our kids (Meredith & Amelia) together in God's ultimate mission even though we are continents apart.
So how could a church bring its VBS program and our MKs (Amelia & Meredith) together?  A skype date was arranged.  Below you can see Meredith talking in our back-yard on our computer in Africa with the entire VBS crew back on their projection screen at our church in Akron, Ohio.   
The kids at VBS had a lot of good questions about what it is like to be an MK in Africa for Amelia & Merdedith:  What is your desk like at school?  What is the name of your dog?  What season is it now in Africa?  What kind of animals do you see?

      The VBS kids sang us their "Babobab Blast" theme song with lots of spirit.  Amelia taught her friends how to say "school" in Swahili.  To end the VBS kids packed up a box of stuffed animals and toys they gave and are sending to Africa.  This generous donation will be graciously received and distributed in the Children's Ward here at Kijabe Hospital.  

Amelia & Meredith say Asante Sana (Thank-you very much) to the VBS crew at WPC!


Anonymous said...

How sweet to include your kids in the Westminister VBS and to expose those children to Kijabe and to see the girls again all grown up. Wow. You know how easily a Grammie can cry. That was wonderful. I am so glad all of the connections worked.
Mom F

Mom said...

Loved reading your blog! Especially enjoyed your focus on prayer and your heart for the mission field. You can encourage others to pray for missionaries by posting the prayer request below to your blog's side panel.

Many, many blessings!
A Mom

Anonymous said...

What a creative group. I would think that MK's of all ages have unlimited stories and experiences to share with their peers. I would hope that other churches catch the bug and do the same. And I am especially happy for Meredith and Amelia - just a very nice outreach to them. Kind of like a big group hug.

I know you are looking forward to time at the lake with the Friess family one and all. Enjoy every minute.

Kathy in Bend

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I'm particularly proud of my church for this one...and glad that Amelia and Meredith connected with their friends back home. God is good.

Pastor Derek, WPC

JEN said...

I did not hear until after they were skyping you!! i am so sorry to have missed seeing your faces live!! did you see simon and harper??? they were there!! miss you guys! jen

The Friess Family said...

We saw a lot of kids with wide-eyes and cute smiles. Mostly we saw Wesley!

The Friess Family said...

We will give the national prayer day widget a try.


Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Brittney Harmon said...

This is one of the coolest things I've seen