Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How could I resist when Amelia enthusiastically ran home and said, "Mommy, Mrs Kinzer (her teacher) asked me to ask you to teach for her tomorrow morning?" I thought of some great excuses: I don't get 1st grade boys, I'm not sure how to keep the attention of a classroom for 4 hours, my voice won't last that long, I usually leave out a few words (okay a few sentences) when I read out loud, and remember when I tried to home school you and you asked when you could have a real teacher? As I told Amelia I could probably do it she ran for the phone, dialed her teacher and proudly said, "My mom can teach tomorrow." She was so excited I couldn't get her in bed until 8 (usually she's in bed by 7). I only hope this enthusiasm remains as I try to impart some learning on their class. 


Megan said...

You'll do great! And, if all else fails, "Heads Up 7-Up."

Anonymous said...

Have fun Sara. The class will love you and you them also. And Amelia will think it wonderful to have her mom for the teacher. Maybe you can have lunch with her too.
Mom F.