Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Snowsuits and Sundresses

        Amelia and Meredith's friend Jane came over last night wearing the following neck to ankle zip-up/button-up snowsuit and baclava hat.  It was dark and slightly windy , yet the temperature at Kijabe was probably a mild 55 degrees F.   I think the last time I wore a Snow Jumpsuit I was snowmobiling in Yellowstone Park in -23 F conditions.  

Jane's Mom came over to borrow our bunny rabbit for a week.  I asked why, and she said they needed it to breed (their four bunnies are female and our Flower is male).   What is the breeding for?  The meat.   We will see what Flower can do in a week.   

        Meredith dresses herself in a sundress everyday whether it is windy, foggy, sunny, or rainy outside.   Meredith says she gets too hot when her shoulders are covered.   We as parents get some strange looks from others parents as they think, how could a parent let a child go outside with such little clothing..she will be sure to get sick.   
        But the interesting think about cultural differences is that although Meredith wears a sundress and Jane wears a Snow Jumpsuit...they don't even notice or bat an eye.  They are too busy playing together.  


Family said...

Great post :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet thoughts. Kids are so accepting until taught otherwise by their parents. Keep up the good work.
Mom F

Ana said...

I love this picture of Meredith! Do you think you could email it to me? I need updated photos of the girls to print out :)

love you!