Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kicked By A Goat

        Most of my patients are fairly Westernized as far as language (English or Swahilli), dress (blue jeans, and collar shirts), food (white bread and coca-cola), and culture (mobile phones).  But we do have some Masaai patients.  They have held true to their language (Masaai), dress (colorful beads, red blankets draped over their shoulder toga style, heavy earrings that distort their earlobes, and often carrying a staff), food (all meat and milk diet....the original Atkins), and culture (mostly nomadic cattle herders).  

     This boy was kicked by a goat.  Three of his teeth were intruded and are no longer visible.  They are hidden up under the nose into the soft tissue wound.  

    Practicing "deep breaths" as the sedative gasses are coming soon to go off to sleep.  

  Family together (Dad must be about 6 and 1/2 feet tall and weigh about 150 lbs).  I imagine he could walk in the Bush for days with little to drink or eat and be just fine.  Their son is a little less swollen and the teeth repositioned and splinted.  


Anonymous said...

And God Bless Dr Friess for his gentleness, understanding and skill.
What a wonderful family to have treated. And how interesting. The Masaai have always fascinated me.

Kathy in Bend

Ana said...

Poor kid. That looks so painful. Great job helping him...I can only imagine how bad that could have been if you hadn't been there.