Monday, June 21, 2010

Dental Gazing

13 year old patient came to us with this contraption in his mouth (obviously wanting it removed).  This device (not fun) is intended to stop thumbsucking.  The four prongs prevent the patient from comfortably placing his thumb in that snug vaulted hard palate.  It also prevents the tongue from thrusting against the upper incisors.   It should prevent further class II tendencies and open bite.   For all you thumb-suckers (Meredith included) please stop by age 5.   

       Antique dentistry.  Silver points are an old, old, old fill material used for completing endodontic therapy.  I read about these materials.  I've seen them on x-rays (know they are nearly impossible to remove if facing a retreat) in elderly patients.  But have never seen them in real life.  I ran across these size 25 unigauge silver points.  

       Bling...bling.  Even if Africa we see some extra style.   On closer inspection at this rock.  I deducted that I was looking at not a 2 K diamond, but high grade cubic zirconia.  We haven't yet implemented this treatment at Kijabe Dental Clinic. 

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Emy Locs said...

i was wondering how much ni can get for same exact silver points if anybody would want to purchase them they are very very old located lynwood california