Monday, June 14, 2010

Coppelia - A Ballet in three Acts (by Meredith)

After reading and writing about the problems Africa is shackled with, I honestly got a little depressed and decided I needed a brief interlude (I'll be back with the second and third parts later this week).  

So with no further ado I present something that is gratuitous, has nothing to do with Africa or missions, yet is completely enjoyable; Meredith (on the right) in Coppelia.  (Just click on the play button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.)


Dona Rientjes said...

thanks! Meredith is so much fun to watch!

Jennifer said...

I love the yawn! She's getting so big!! What a lovely ballerina -- she clearly stands out from the rest.

Anonymous said...

How precious and fun. Nice job Meredith. I love the way you twirl and bow and you watch your instructors and classmates for hints as to what comes next. You were wonderful.
Thanks mom, a wonderful break for each of us.
Kathy in Bend

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love you little darling!!--Nana