Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scenes Around Kijabe Hospital

The black spots on the wall are Locusts that have invaded the hospital. They are attracted to light and it is really not possible in this environment to close all the outside windows. Fresh air is a necessity in the Wards. I'll just leave it at that.

We have been drenched with rain at Kijabe. God has opened the clouds like not seen in the last decade. It has made the process of converting the operating rooms a little difficult. This is the storage area... or perhaps where operating room tables go to die.

I call these guys the Kijabe Thrashers (sounds like a good name for a horror flick). But I always wondered why the hospital would not buy them a lawn mover or weed eater. Them someone said, "of course the hospital could buy a lawn mover..but then the Thrashers would not have job." So they keep thrashing away all month long until the weeds are shoulder high once again.

Then I found out many of the Thrashers are not paid at all by the hospital. They bag the grass and sell it has Cow Feed.

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