Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Endodontic Referral

      This is interesting to me (may be quite boring to others) but I know a few dentists log on here from time to time.  This man was referred to our clinic with these x-rays in hand wanting to know if we could "guarantee" that we could save his 2nd Molar.

    Mesial and distal canals seem straight but canal space disappears as you move apically.  You can see a distal apical RL.  Distal canal was accessed by previous dentist and filed to near WL.

Oooops. Hand file perforation into the furcation by previous dentist when searching for mesial canals.  But recognized and patient was appropriately counseled.  

   Perforation repaired with amalgam.  Still unable to gain access to mesial canals.  To answer the patient's original questions (Can it be saved).... no guarantees were made, except our best effort.


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Pierre Pizem said...

Hi Doc

Tough case indeed!
I had a kin interest in intricate endodontic therapy myself and I decided to invest in a dental operative microscope 6 years ago.
Under high magnification, those are less intricate than they actually seem. Those teeth can now be saved with a predictable outcome.
If you would like to see some of thoses cases, please go to:
If you have any comment or questions please feel free to ask
Pierre Pizem,
Dental practitionner in Montreal, Canada
P.S. I lived the first 15 fifteen years of my life in africa, I kept some very sweet memories of it.