Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's that on the window sill?

At least 6 of these had been sitting in the window sill of the dental clinic for the last 4 weeks. They were always directed toward the window, "basking in the sun" as they might say in Kenya. What was this little device with the name Comcare.

After some snooping around, I soon found out from the ENT's wife (dental and ENT share a building) that this device basking in the sun is a solar powered hearing aid designed specifically for the third world. They are made by Comcare (http://www.comcareinternational.org/) About 15 were brought over from the States via a donation from Kiwanis (each hearing aid costs just over 100 USD).

With just a couple hours of sunlight this device can provide hearing for a child throughout an entire day. Solar-power, of course makes sense as the sun is nearly always shining in Africa, and batteries are too expensive. Imagine watching a child put the I-POD like ear phone into their ear and see the smile on his face as he hears his voice for the first time.
And do you know what the motto is for Comcare... Matthew 11:15...He who has ears, Let Him Hear! (We can all praise God for that!)

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Megan said...

What a neat invention and to be used for such good!