Sunday, April 25, 2010

RTA (Road traffic accident)

This is the scene of our ER Friday morning. 20 injured people brought into Kijabe because a bus and lorry collided as the bus tried to overtake the lorry. I was called because 1 woman was pregnant. Malin was called because of the multiple jaw fractures. The pregnant woman also had an open book pelvic fracture-- and when I saw that on her x-ray rushed to get someone from Ortho help me sheet her pelvic. 8 people died at the scene. An 8 month old arrived having lost his mom at the accident. As awful as the scene was, it was amazing what our hospital could actually do and did. While we don't have emergency drills, we do have an emergency high casualty plan and for the most part it worked. People got their X-rays, C-spines cleared, IVs, and those who needed to be were intubated and taken immediately for surgery.

That being said, driving here will always be one of the most stressful things we do. I can't even describe the general chaos on the road, nor the recklessness people have when passing and let me just add they pass ALL the time. How we sincerely pray for God's protection as we travel!

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The Friess Family said...

I found out that Lori (Truck) Drivers in Kenya have a word they use for automobiles. The word is du-du. It translates to bug, pest, or something annoying and small.