Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your Generosity Has Done This...Part III

Rose works as a unit clerk for ENT and became a good friend in the past 4 months.

In October a gas burner caught fire in her home. In less than 5 minutes this was all that was left of her timber house and the homes of eight others. Rose and her husband got out safely but lost everything they had.

The hospital set up a fund to rebuild Rose a temporary house which you can see above that she moved into last week. I told Rose that we had many generous people back in America who were supporting God's work in Kenya. These people wanted to help someone who is in need and trying to rebuild, I asked her if there was anything she needed. Rose told me that they needed a simple bed and mattress.

Because of your generosity funds were used such that Rose and her husband have a place to sleep at night. Asante Sana!

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Anonymous said...

Please give Rose and her family our greetings and our love. Dad still talks about what a great help she was to him in the ENT clinic. We are delighted that they do have a new home and beds to sleep on. What an ordeal this has been for them. Praise the Lord it is coming to a positive end.
Love, Mom