Monday, March 15, 2010


We (myself and my father) operated on Florence in December to remove a low grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma (minor salivary gland tumor) of the hard palate.

The tumor covered 75% of the hard palate and to remove it we stripped the mucosa off leaving raw palatal bone. After seeing her 1 months later I was concerned that the tumor had reoccurred. There was bleeding, raw palatal bone exposed, and very slow healing. You can see the original excisional biopsy specimen above.

When I heard Florence was here at Kijabe Dental again for her reevaluation I was dreading seeing what her mouth would look like. I was expecting bleeding, poor healing, and the necessity of a rebiopsy to check for reoccurrence or her cancer. But to my surprise the palate was now covered with healthy, pink, firm, stippled gingiva, and no signs of cancer.

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Florence as you can see was pleased as was I.


Anonymous said...
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afreakforjc said...

As Bill says here: God smiled down that day.