Friday, February 26, 2010

We've Been Flashed!

Driving in Kenya at night is to be avoided at all costs and now we know why. Last night we got behind schedule and drove the last 30 km up the Rift Valley to Kijabe Hospital in the dark. The picture to the right assimilates our vision of oncoming traffic.

We learned three things about driving in Kenya in the dark. First, painted lines to identify passing lanes, shoulders, medians, the center of the road are non-existent or too washed away to see. Second, checkpoints where police stop traffic to check cars for proper markings are marked with one small dim kerosene lamp. Third, there is a pattern that as you approach oncoming traffic it is expected to "Be Flashed," that is to blink on your high beams until you pass the oncoming traffic.

Thankfully we are home safe..and will now make every effort to avoid Being Flashed at night again.


Sarah said...

Holy cow! From the Rift Valley to Kijabe. YIKES! I'm glad you made it =)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Praise God for His divine protection over all of you in the dark and also in the daylight. We are glad that you arrived home safely. The road down to Kijabe is no picnic, even in the daytime!