Saturday, February 20, 2010

Butterfly Hospital

After learning about Monarchs (which mean King) and chrysalis at school Amelia took to our neighbor's backyard to find, catch, and capture butterflies.

Amelia and Meredith began to notice many of the butterflies they found had damaged wings. They decided it was time to build a Butterfly Hospital to help rehabilitate these insects. I asked Amelia how the healing was going, "Daddy we have almost healed one butterfly. We raise them up on one finger so they learn to get air under their wings again."


Family said...

I might have to send all my injured butterflies to that hospital. Sounds like the best butterfly hospital I have ever heard of!



Anonymous said...

I agree!! That is the best looking butterfly hospital I have ever seen. Too adorable. A future veterinarian in the making for sure:) Love,

Auntie Kiersten

Megan said...

If I were an injured butterfly, I would want to be at your hospital because you would take such good care of me.

Love, Grammie