Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Generosity....Part II

This is a picture of Nancy our helper. We appreciate her so much and there is no way Sara and I could both work at the hospital without her at our house.

Nancy at first can come across as quiet, aloof, and difficult to read. It has taken months to find out who she really is and see her loving character. We have come to realize that once you ask her a question, you just have to wait and wait and then pause and then she will open up. Nancy is a mother of 3 little girls (is well adapted to helping with Amelia and Meredith). Her husband is a tailor at the hospital.

Around Christmas time we asked Nancy how her family was getting along. She told us "it has been difficult to cook. Dry firewood is hard to find with all the rains, We can walk over a 2 km just to find some sticks to burn. Also, they are clearing the forests and buying firewood or charcoal is getting very expensive, I have electricity at my house and it would be so nice to have a stove."

Nancy cooks for her family over a Jicho (like a mini grill) and I have seen her start a fire with just one log and keep it slowly burning for hours (much more efficient than my Eagle Scout Bonfires).

With your generous donations we were able to find Nancy this used stove, a regulator, a gas tank, and a refill of butane. Sara watched as Nancy and her husband proudly tied the Stove to the back of a Taxi. She had it installed that very day. I have asked her what she thinks. She writes....

"Thank you for helping me have a stove, I'm happy for you made my kitchen work easier. I won't waste most of my time looking for firewood. I'll use it for cooking most Kenyan food like: chipati, rice, ugali, stew. My husband Joseph and my kids Martha, Joy, and Anna also said thanks for having it even to bake their birthday cakes. They are very happy and highly appreciative. Thank-you so much, may God bless you."

Nancy & Joseph & Kids


Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, you are so welcome. It is our privilege to give to you. May your days be blessed.

Thanks Friess Family for being Jesus' hands in Kenya and allowing us to share.


Pastor Amy said...

What a wonderful gift! There was a great story in the New Yorker a month or so ago about the challenge of creating the best stove for developing countries. Here's a link to the abstract, although I think to read the full article you have to be a subscriber.

Miss you guys!