Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A nice note

“Hi Doctor, I want to sincerely say thank-you for the treatment you gave me. You really showed a lot of concern. I appreciate your good work. May God bless you as you treat many more people. My teeth are now OK. The way you worked really challenged my life and I pray that one day I will also be a dentist like you, maybe working with the Red Cross. It is my desire that I help other people. That is why I am so grateful for the work you did for me. May God grant you with more energy than the number of those you treat.”

-note received at Dental Clinic from 9-year-old girl (2009).


Anonymous said...

Very nice and what insight. I love the last line.

Have a wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

What a nice note of encouragement, both as a dentist and a mentor although you may not have known you had assumed that role. It is wonderful that she took the time to write. We are glad the sandbox is holding up well. Did you get more sand? The grass looks very green.

Anonymous said...

It,s the magic of medical care. Dad

Audra said...

What a beautiful note and a lovely sentiment. My God grant all of us with more evergy than the number of those we treat!