Sunday, January 10, 2010


2 weeks ago, I went with the graduating intern class to Nairobi for a lunch celebrating the end of internship. Kenyan interns start and end with the New Year. It was a honor to be asked to attend and also relaxing to enjoy a good meal at the local Holiday Inn Nairobi. During the interns speeches there was a proposal from George to Lillian (the couple pictured above)! George thoughtful asked Lillian to marry him and with a beautiful ring as well.

These young doctors will be posted by the government to various hospital and after only 1 year of training, in some cases, will be expected to run the hospitals. Sometimes the task of teaching them C-sections, D&Cs, tubal ligation and surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy as well as how to manage labors and common GYN problems during 3 months of their intern year overwhelms me. And yet that is all the time I'm allowed. But it will never be easy to pare down what I learned/experienced in 4 years to a 3 month "only the essentials" crash course.

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Anonymous said...

Sara, how nice that you got to go to see the graduation. A day off is certainly in order. Congratulations. The task must seem daunting after all the time that you spent in training, but God enables you to do the best with the time that you are given. As Anna says, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" Obviously, you are doing well as they graduated! Well done.