Monday, January 18, 2010


Amelia came in our bed last night crying, shaking, cuddled close and calmed down. In the morning when asked what about her dream had scared her, she replied, "Mommy, it's too scary to talk about." Which reminded me of my dream. Somehow while still working in Kenya I dreamt there had been a gyn-oncologist I could've referred patients too this entire time. In my dream I panicked looking at the patient I was presently operating on for cervical cancer and thinking to all the patients on my board list that would've been better served by a gyn-oncologist. I don't think I've worked one week here without performing some type of cancer related surgery--in fact I'm even getting referrals because most ob/gyns trained in Kenya have no gyn-oncology training. So, if you know or are a gyn-oncologist and would be willing to come, you truly would be an answer to my dreams. But even more so an answer to my prayer for further training as I work here from specialists! So far I've had the privilege of learning more from urologists, plastic surgeons, and a colorectal surgeon.

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Anonymous said...

Don't we all feel inadequate to some daunting tasks placed before us. And we wish someone else would take our burden. Be humble, pray, know your anatomy, have great technique, and hate cancer. Grampie