Friday, December 18, 2009


Funny Kenyan signs always catch my attention. We have seen signs that say "Moron Driving School" which is a motor vehicle education school in Narok. I have seen signs that say "No Way" when a road has been marked for detour. As a dentist this sign below caught my attention.

You may ask where was this sign located? No, it was not in our dental clinic (even though my life would be rosier if my patients were to do a pre-exam Listerine rinse). This sign was found above the sink in the eating area of the hospital cafeteria. Why the sign was strategically placed at that location...that is left up to our imagination. But the sign seems to be working...after I washed my hands in the sink and as I ate lunch not even one person rinsed their mouth in that sink.


Megan said...

I like that sign, and the "Moron Driving School" one. Funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh My...........

I love funny signs and ads. This is a great one and I, too, love the driving school one.