Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thief in the Night

We were behind schedule this morning so we hopped in the car with Meredith & Amelia to get to school. I placed the key in the ignition and twisted..nothing. Again I turned the key and nothing. "We have to walk girls, the battery must be dead." But how could the battery be dead I thought? The battery was not dead, as you can see from the picture. The battery was gone.
It seems that the thief came at night with a Panga (knife). They cut a hole in our "cactus fence" and entered our backyard. Somehow they got under the hood of the car and made off with the battery. I assume they will sell it for a profit. This was the second theft from our property as our wheelbarrow was stolen 2 weeks previous while we were at retreat. Unfortunately about anything can be stolen here in Kenya, especially items from a car. Kijabe has seen the theft of hubcaps, license plates, the lug-nuts on the wheels (you find out by driving away and having a wheel fall off), and even two cars in the last week out of the hospital parking lot.
Being robbed is always a drag. Of course the items can be replaced, we are safe, and feel not physically threatened, but I don't enjoy the cat and mouse game that plays in my mind from here on out. How can I chain this more, lock this tighter, better light this, so I will not be a victim again. I would rather believe and trust in the people here, than feel threatened by a few criminals.
Apparently Mocha our "wathdog" was fast asleep.

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Anonymous said...

Bummer. Remember when Bland hot wired the hood ornament on his Cadillac so if anyone touched it, they got a big shock. No more missing hood ornaments. Everything looks so green. The rain did its job and I hope it continues. We can't wait to see you all in less than a week.