Friday, November 20, 2009


As I went to use the ultrasound yesterday, I discovered the probe was missing. This equipment costs around 1000 dollars and I hoped it was just taken by biomed for some reason. However today it became apparent it was stolen. Frustrated that theft is so common here, particularly in the hospital where equipment like laryngoscopes, gloves, dopplers can easily be "put in the pocket" and sold for substantial money, I have to remind myself theft signifies a bigger need. Not just simply a need for money which can be used for food, clothing, shelter or non-essential items, but a bigger spiritual void. Stealers do not trust God to supply their needs. And yet the scripture reminds us over and over again, that God will supply our needs. The room now has a new lock and only 4 keys, but I hope that the person who took this will return it and in doing so trust God to provide.


afreakforjc said...

That's a very good reminder, ahsante.

NCP said...

Thank you for the work you do and the enlightened view you have of what might be the experiential mindset of another culture. I wonder, however, if 3rd world countries will make sufficient progress if stealing, graft, oppression, and other behaviors of bad faith towards one's fellow humans and one's community are handled by excessive punitiveness or, on the other side, not holding people accountable -- for their own behavior and for their responsibility to the greater welfare of the community.

And where is the market for stolen high-tech medical equipment in a remote area, other than your clinic/hospital? Who is fencing the stolen goods and where are they being sold?

took your transformational Christianity survey. I am a Unitarian and what you propose is very close to what we Unitarians value. We are, indeed, more alike than different.

Nadina Cole-Potter
Scottsdale, Arizona