Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amelia Update

We are proud of the young girl that Amelia is becoming. She has adapted well to Kenya and to our second move to Kijabe Hospital. She has become quite brave with new African Critters. Our friend Dr. Stephanie has a lizard in her house and has asked Amelia to capture it. Amelia currently when she grows up wants to be a pet stylist. She loves animals and believes their style matters.

Amelia has at least 5 best friends and if life was up to her she would spend every waking moment with one of her friends. By far her favorite subject at school is art. Amelia says some funny things. "Daddy did you know clouds are really air and if you stood on them you would fall right through."


Megan said...

She is an amazing young girl! I am constantly amazed at the things kids learn at school.

Ana said...

SO cute! Can we get a Meredith update too :)?