Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Worstest Day Ever"

A moment in the eyes of a 6 year-old girl.

"Daddy I went to check on my bunnies and Flower is moving but Lucy is just laying there but I'm not sure if she is alive because her eyes are open." I followed Amelia to the bunny cage and indeed Lucy was dead and stiff and lying on her back. Of course the tears began to flow from Amelia when I told her.

"Daddy I don't know how this happened. I fed him every day. Maybe he needed to see a veterinarian. Daddy, this is the worstest day ever!" We buried Lucy in the garden so Amelia will see the grave every day on the way to school. She lined the grave with rocks and made the letter "L" in the middle.

I said whatever words I could for the bunny rabbit. "Lucy you were a good bunny. You lived about 6 weeks here with us at Kijabe. You always ate the carrots we fed you. You never scratched. We will miss you."

But just minutes after we buried the bunny. Amelia's tears all stopped. She was ready to play at a friend's house and has quickly moved on. Amelia wants to get another bunny, maybe a bigger stronger one this time. I think we can manage as Lucy cost 100 Ksh (about 120 cents).


Megan said...

That is sad. I'm so glad Amelia was able to move on to go play with her friends.

Rachel said...

Glad Amelia is dealing well with the's always sad losing a pet. But, it sounds like this wasn't as rough as losing Zee...I heard the story several times from Meredith and in her saddest voice..."they didn't even get to say good-bye." Hope all else is going well!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for the loss of Lucy but I know she had the best 6 weeks of her life with you as her friend, Amelia. The grave is beautiful. Maybe you can plant a flower near her grave to also remember her by.
Many prayers for each of you,
Bend, OR

Ana said...

that's really sad. I'm glad you guys are hanging in there without Sara and Meredith! I know they really miss you both!