Sunday, October 4, 2009

Special Treat

For the past 3 months Amelia has been talking about wanting to go horseback riding (some special bond exists with little girls and horses that I have never understood). We talked about a donkey ride (much cheaper) here at Kijabe, but Amelia was not to keen on that idea. I did not even know if horses existed in Kenya. Due to Kenya's English Colonization we found a nearby stable with reasonable prices for English style riding lessons.
We planned for the ride as a special treat when Mom & Meredith were back home for the wedding. After a couple wrong turns (directions are very difficult to follow here as most roads have no name) we found the stable. Amelia picked out her white stallion named Hedgehog. Her lesson included around the world, trotting, up down, and balance techniques.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Amelia, what fun. I love horses too and Hedgehog looks like the perfect horse for your first ride.

I'm sure a big thanks and hug goes to dad for helping you have this wonderful day.

Lots of prayers for you,
Kathy in snowy Bend

Family said...

What a fun treat! Looks like you and Hedgehog will get along well Amelia. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you found Amelia a horse to ride! What a great idea. I'll reserve her spot for horse camp as soon as she is back in the states:) She'll be reading the classifieds every night and picking out horses for you to buy before you know it. Maybe she'll have better luck than me! Love,


Megan said...

Yes, there is a special bond between girls and horses. Anna has recently fallen in love with them too. Glad to see Amelia on the horse. Does she know she is backwards?