Thursday, October 29, 2009

More than just a filling

Although I'm not an endodontist it seems like completing root canals is becoming my own dental speciality at Kijabe. My patients who are often members of the community here at Kijabe (pastors, nursing students, doctors, landscapers, shopkeepers) come when just a filling won't quite do. Regardless, were happy to help them out with needed endodontic treatment to get them out of pain. Some of you may know toothache pain (in particular a necrotic, irreversable pulpitis, or slowly dying nerve) is a terribly annoying discomfort. No one want to come for root canal or hear they need a root canal, but I make a few friends after the fact when they are out of pain. Furthermore, as the radiographs show from two patients from yesterday, I think we provide pretty good care.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Dr Friess.