Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Demolition for God's Glory"

For the past two months we have been in negotiation with a buyer for our house in Akron, Ohio. It has been on the market for 16 months. We thought we were nearing a final agreement when surprise hit. We knew our old two-story wooden garage had always been a weak point in our house. The garage door never worked, the structure was listing to the left, and had mold growing throughout the panelling.
According to the buyer's loan requirements the house simply could not be sold without the garage being demolished and cleared. As we began to receive quotes via e-mail for the cost of a demolition of a two story garage the prices were so expensive. What were we to do and how could we try to manage this situation on the other side of the planet?
We contacted our church in Akron Westminster Presbyterian Church and said,"We need help." Within just a few days a work team had been established, notice went out to request volunteers at the church, a dumpster had been rented at a discounted price, a min-excavator was available for hauling of debris and concrete.
Saturday morning several volunteers from WPC arrived early in the morning with sledgehammers and able hands to "Demolish for God's Glory." We were told the garage was demolished and cleared in less than 3 hours.
We are grateful and thankful to all the members of WPC who donated their time, muscles, and equipment to bring down our old garage. It seems to exemplify perhaps one aspect of the purpose of the church: to love and care for members of its congregation. Thank-you WPC.


lannrobert said...

We have not made it to church latley so I did not know about this!! YEAH!!! so happy you will finally be moving this house off your list of worries!!!

Anonymous said...

This is caring in action. What a blessing for the workers to help you from afar and for you both to have this done for you. Now the sale of the house can be completed. Yea! Thanks for the pictures.

Dona said...

Your home church has exampled our church's motto: growing closer, going deeper & reaching wider.
What a picture of the FAMILY of GOD.
Thanks Malin & Amelia for sharing your Mom & sister....we were so thankful to be with them & to hear about your work & ministry as a family.

Dona said...

forgot the most important part of our motto:
Making His Words our way of life by.....growing closer, going deeper & reaching wider.
And to say thanks to the Lord that your US home has sold.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what God can do. In this "I'll manage it myself" world this would have been so stressful and all but impossible, but you cried out and God answered through His people - just as it should be. This is a really good lesson for me right now. Love the post and love the pictures.
God Bless everyone who lended their hands for God's Glory.

Kathy in Bend.