Friday, September 18, 2009

Things are getting better

About 400 employees, friends, and supporters of Kijabe Hospital participated in a fundraiser yesterday.  Led by police escort and full marching band we walked from the top of the highway 5 km down the windy road to Kijabe Hospital.
This was all accomplished to raise funds for the upcoming addition to Kijabe Hospital.  They are seeking to increase the number of surgical theatres, and expand the palliative care and maternity wards.
Donated funds to our project account supported the dental staff to buy t-shirts and participate.  We walked as a team and waved at the onlookers. (Can you spot Malin?)
Although this march did not raise a large sum of money, I believe the morale of the hospital was lifted.  I think God was glorified as we marched to the drums and trumpets and the Kenyan song, "Things are getting better, Things are getting better, With the Lord on our side, We can be assured  Things are getting better, Things are getting better."


Megan said...

This sounds like a good song we could all learn.

Anonymous said...

What a touching way to raise hospital unity for a good cause. We tried hard, but we couldn't find you as you do not stick out!