Friday, September 25, 2009

Field Day


Megan said...

Field day and eating donuts off a string?! No wonder Amelia likes school. Good to see her having fun. Did you two get to help?

Rachel said...

I think you need to explain the donut on a string's really funny! Sara-- Can't wait to see you and Meredith so soon!
Hope all is going well!

Anonymous said...

School gets better all the time. Can you use your hands to eat donuts Amelia? I love you, Grammie

The Friess Family said...

First Picture- Wheel Barrow Race

Second Picture-- Tug of War (Girl Power)-Amelia soon complained of scraped hands

Second Picture- Bobbing for Donuts! No hands allowed and Amelia slowly finished her entire glazed donut.

We parents watched and enjoyed and let the teachers put on the field day.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Amelia. We should try this donut game at our next H2H group, Grammie. What fun.