Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There are many unique medical abbreviations in Kenya and probably in every country, common things get shortened. However, sometimes these abbreviations can be a bit mind boggling. Some of my personal favorites ISS (immune sero status-HIV), 1PS (one previous scar), PMTCT (perinatal mother to child transmission), and BOH (bad obstetrical history). BOH took me a while to figure out and remember, and indeed many histories here are simply "bad." So today there was a C/S for a BOH. This mother had 2 babies die during prolonged 2nd stages (pushing) and I advised a C/S this time. Showing her, the vigorous baby boy was a delight. 2 weeks ago I delivered another mom who had lost 3 babies during or immediately after delivery. Above are the pictures of these little ones.  I think a new abbreviation can be added to these charts: BOH BPG BL (bad obstetrical history but praise God baby lives).


Family said...

The medical abbreviations can be very amusing!

I really like your new abbreviation (BOH BPG BL). Praise the Lord for such wonderful success stories and the great ways that God is using you.


Christina said...

That's great Sara. I've seen many similar patients here in Kapsowar. It's hard making those decisions sometimes isn't it?

Arlene said...

I think we will add BPG-BL to our weekly prayer at Women Together when we sit around your Mom's table - thanks for sharing the pictures. It so adds reality to our prayers for your service. I love your prayer request to find newness, beauty, complexity in the Gospel - beautifully written & especially motivating - I will share it with our Women Together group on your behalf and for each of us. Know that many are praying.