Friday, August 7, 2009


While grateful that I am recovering from what seems to be some-type of Salmonella (possibly Typhoid type), I want to wake-up and just be better. In fact, for most things I like immediate results. Those of you that know me well, know that patience is something I struggle with. So even while being sick I get impatient with healing. Perhaps that's why I love the stories of miraculous healing---they're instantaneous. It's also why I love cooking & baking: you put things together to get an immediate result. And maybe even this impatience compels me to fold the laundry into organized items as soon as the basket is full. However it also makes it hard for me to delegate tasks and yet this week I've been forced to entrust the care of many patients to other physicians. Then as I start to worry about what is happening on the ward, in the theatre (OR), in casualty (ER), with the lectures I'm supposed to be giving, I'm reminded God cares for these patients and will provide. God's patience in teaching me not to worry thankfully is unending. Because I seem to need to be reminded of that daily. 

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Genet said...

I am glad that you are starting to feel better. It is so scary to be sick and not know the cause. You will be in my prayers.
When I read all your stories about tragic pregnancies, etc. I feel so blessed. We had a scare of early contractions last week, and while we were nervous, we were never afraid that we would lose the baby or my health would be in danger. I knew the doctors were capable and that it was very unlikely any serious problems would occur that they could not handle. Despite its limitations, modern medical care is wonderful and saves us from so much grief.