Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sara still sick.

Sara woke this morning feeling even sicker than yesterday.  She felt too weak to even go down the stairs to the kitchen.  Her headache has kept her head on a pillow and a hand on her forehead all day.  She is having painful stomach cramps and can not eat..just taking liquids with her medicine.  She has continued with the malaria treatment, but we are still uncertain if that is the cause of her illness.  In Africa there are so many basic illnesses that can affect us.
We are thankful at times like this for the other medical professionals around. They have started her on cipro and an anti-nausea medication.  We pray tomorrow Sara is improved.


Anonymous said...

Sara, we're praying for you and hope that you feel better soon. I hope that you are feeling better by the time you read this.

Love, your brother (and laura)

Carrie, MD said...

Dear Lord - I pray that You will pour out Your healing spirit on Sara. I ask that you will give her body comfort and strength. I ask that all sickness go from her now in Your name's sake. I believe that You are the Great Physician and it is the desire of my heart that You will touch Sara now and heal her completely and she will wake feeling refreshed with Your blessed name on her lips. I ask for protection against all sickness and fear for her entire household. Touch her now, Lord.

Sara - I am praying fervently for you.

Love in Christ,
Carrie, MD

Krista said...

We are praying for you! Hope you get over this soon. Praying that your family will not get it, too. --krista

Anonymous said...

I'm on my knees Sara. This is some nasty bug. I am so sorry and know how frustrating it must be for you too.

Love and Prayers,

Pastor Amy said...

So sorry to hear that Sara is sick. It's always awful to be sick but especially so far from home. We are praying for healing to come to her as she has so faithfully healed others. We love you guys!