Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amelia & Meredith

Amelia likes painting and just learned to draw a horse.  She likes to jump rope while running and has two skinned knees to prove her accomplishment.  Amelia wears dresses everyday.  She is excited for upcoming ballet lessons and to wear her tutu and leg warmers.  Her dreams are now to have her own horses (a white stallion), be a Mom when she grows up, and to grow her hair past her waist.   Amelia lost two more lower incisors in the past week giving her an enormous gap in her smile.  The tooth fairy came up with 200 shillings under her pillow even though Amelia was awake, "Daddy you are suppose to wait until I'm asleep."
Meredith can best be updated by her phrases...
 "Daddy you a Dentist, Mommy an obstetillian."
"It's OK...I allowed to do it."
"Z's a naughty cat.  He's not good cat."
"Flower.he has so sharp nails.  I want get him out of bunny's cage."
"I like donuts!"
"Mommy at hospital...take care of babies."
"I do it..I do it by myself."
"Today is church day.  I want sunday-school."


Jennifer said...

Meredith's description of your jobs remind me of Andrew's when he was a few months younger than Meredith. "Daddy fixing femur; Mommy studying the bar." I hope you are feeing better, Sara.

Megan said...

We love hearing what the girls are up to. Anna would love a horse too.

Anonymous said...

They are just like little girls playing at Crescent Lake. We painted rocks which was a popular activity. They are growing up so fast. Is Amelia growing her hair for Locks of Love again or can you do that there. Give them hugs and kisses for us. Love, Grammie

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun painting project and two beatiful artists. We miss you all. love, Grampie

Anonymous said...

Keep the pictures coming--just love them! Amelia looks so tall!
We check your blog everyday, plus.
Can't wait to hug you and Meredith,Sara-- Love to all, Mom