Friday, July 31, 2009

Not a bad view

Kijabe Hospital rests on the steep slope overlooking the Great Rift Valley.  The picture  was taken from our bedroom window peering above the trees to see Mt. Longonot.  Mt. Longonot is a young volcano rising to 2776 meter above sea level.   It is thought to have last erupted in 1860.   Longonot means a mountain of many spurs or steep ridges.  
Is is a national park and just short drive from our house.  A favorite day hike of visitors goes up the mountain and then circumnavigates the crater rim.   
I have not yet made this hike and am just waiting for some visitors to join us.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mom and Dad Friess better come and hike.

What are the temperatures there at this time of year? I would be interested to see the year laid out in seasons and temps. Does it cool off at night. Is humidity always a big factor or are there times of the year where it is 45% or lower? ( I am such a woose and Central Oregon has spoiled me.) Just curious as I am really interested in weather and know not much about Africa.

You are in my prayers.

Bend, OR

hankwillisdds said...

Hey Friess family,

I was at Kijabe in 1999 while in undergrad. I have a friend (he's now on his way to Tenwek as a surgeon) who's dad was an MD at Kijabe.

How long were you in Tenwek? What's the dental clinic like there? Did you have a private practice in the states before you went to Africa? Are you the only dentist at Kijabe? As I recall there are 8 or 9 operatories there.

I'm interested in hearing more about how God lead you to your present situation in Africa.

Hank Willis, DDS
Bonners Ferry, Idaho