Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This advertisement caught my attention (really fear) in front of our Butcher's Shop in Nairobi where we typically buy our ground beef, pork, chicken, and occasionally tilapia.    
The questions came to my mind; What is Katakata (dog meat or meat fed to dogs)?  Secondly; what kind of meat can be sold at 30 Ksh (about 40 cents) per kilogram?  
My curiosity prompted me to purchase 10 kg of Katakata (whatever type of meat it is it sounds like a bargain)!  
Katakata I found out means cut, cut.  Thankfully the butcher informed me that Katakata is indeed meat to be feed to dogs and not dog meat and mostly consists of pork bones for dogs to chew on.  
Mocha our dog is quite happy chewing and burying her Katakata this week.  My mind and GI tract are at rest.  


Megan said...

We are relieved too!

Anonymous said...

Amen from part of the Bend contingent !!!!!