Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye "Z"

'Z" was our cat for 6 days.  I'll probably upset some feline friendly people but I do not like cats. I'm allergic to cats. My eyes turn red and throat becomes scratchy around these animals.  
'Z" was not destined to last long at our house.  He hissed, scratched, and found his way on to our bed despite shutting doors again and again.  
Thankfully Sara our househelper was happy to take home such a fat animal to keep the rodents away.  Amelia is of course sad to have to say goodbye to this pet, but perhaps another bunny for her in the future.


Anonymous said...

Good bye Z. How nice that you found another home where you will be wanted and useful. Amelia already told me she was getting another bunny. She also said that she didn't want to be a vet when she grows up, but a mommy just like you Sara. What a nice compliment. It is almost time to go to the airport to pick up Megan and the kids. We will Skype you this weekend.
Love, Grammie

Carrie, MD said...

Hi - my name is Carrie and I am interviewing with Samaritan's Purse for an OB/GYN spot. Am very interested in Kenya. Was there for a trip in Feb/March 2009 and am returning in spring 2010. I would love to email you some questions that I have about living arrangements, working conditions. Can I ask SP for your contact info?

Anonymous said...

I am probably the BIGGEST cat lover you will ever meet (just ask Grammie) and I applaud your decision. The best thing you could ever do is find someone who will love Z and give him the life and love he deserves. You have to pay attention to your allergies and your lives just don't allow the amount of socialization it would have taken to bring Z into your loving home with two little ones.
You absolutely did the right thing. If someone is upset I cannot imagine why.

Praying for you always, Kathy Bend, OR

The Friess Family said...

Reply to Carrie-
Please ask SP. I'd be happy to write you. Were you at Kijabe/Tenwek/Kapsowar or somewhere else? Look forward to hearing from you. Sara

Carrie, MD said...

Sara -

I did a missions trip to Sudan to provide ob/gyn care. I was in Sudan for 2 weeks and stayed in nairobi at the Mennonite guest house gathering supplies, etc.. before entering Sudan and then again as a respite after we left Sudan. Coming out of Sudan to nairobi was like coming to the garden of Eden - let me tell you! :)
We also transported some pts out of Sudan to Kijabe hospital. I visited one of the hospitals when I was gathering supplies but I can't remember which one it was now - I had to get some things from the hopsital pharmacy.
Our next trip to Sudan will be in 2010 and we will stay in Nairobi for several days before/after again. By then I will now a little more about where I will be going after residency, so maybe I can visit hospitals more, etc...
I will ask Scott R at SP for your email address this week when I am there for my interview.
Thanks and I look forward to talking to you!