Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clothes shopping

Well, I spent a grand total of 11 dollars. In exchange I bought 5 shirts for Amelia, 3 shirts for Meredith, 2 dresses and 2 pairs of pants. Certainly cheaper than any Goodwill in the States. And now the girls have some warmer clothes. Just thought you might like to see the piles of clothing we had to look through to find the "good stuff." If you look closely at the picture with the guys in the white and blue tops, behind them is a bunch of white tents in the distance. These tents had the fruit/vegetable market. It was one of the largest markets I had seen here. But the kids were tired of looking so we left without looking. 

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Anonymous said...

What an experience. So glad you found some nice clothing in all of those piles. I will never complain about shopping again !!!!!! Oh what a little perspective will do, EH?

Love to you,
Bend, OR