Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating the 4th in Kenya

Thanks to living near a large missionary school, there are 4th festivities planned. This evening the elementary school is having a skating party with hotdogs, hamburgers and it's been rumored even fireworks. Amelia has practiced her skating and decided skates are best used on grass, which is much softer to fall on. Meredith is upset that the skates are too big for her. She is in a constant struggle to keep up with Amelia. I'm going this morning to a clothes market with some other women. It's a lot like a flea market, but some things are actually new. We did not bring enough warm clothing for Kijabe! I'll try to take some pictures to post later. Happy 4th!


Megan said...

Our kids have had a skating lesson and they really love it. Joel just about has the gliding part down. Have a great 4th!

jennifer said...

i had to borrow sweatshirts from the folks at the mennonite guest house while I was there , ha ha! who'd a thought!! :)