Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayer Requests

Many parents we know pray with their children at bedtime. I remember this tradition growing-up as well. We also pray with Amelia and Meredith right before bed. Meredith mostly repeats what we say, but will occasionally add "thank you for Amia (Amelia) " and "Help me be nice." Amelia is beginning to think independently about requests and needs. Last night her requests were "Help a family to really like our house and buy it. Help Claire's house helpers to be able to keep Diana (Roseline's orphaned daughter) and be able to purchase a bed for her. And please help there to be less scary noises tonight and for me not to be scared." I enjoy listening to her think of what needs there are around her and was impressed that she recognized her personal needs, her family's needs and the needs of those around her. This reminded me that I should also think of these basic categories as I pray and that there is much to learn from a child's faith. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift this family up to you. You love them so much and YOU are the one keeping them. I pray for this transition to go well, I pray that you would put your loving arms around them as they are adjusting to a new place. I pray that you would take the scary noises away and bring good sleep for these precious children. Most of all I pray that they know you are right there beside them as they go to sleep. I pray that they will know and feel your comfort. Father, I pray that this home would sell. This is a big need Father and You are in control of this. I pray that you would bring the right people for this home. Father, I pray that this orphaned daughter can stay with Claire's house helpers. Father with your loving hands you can make this happen. Find her a bed so that she will have a place to lay her head. You care deeply for this child, and I know you can find her a bed. We thank you in advance for doing this. Strengthen this family with your love..protect them. Pour out your HOlY SPIRIT on this community that all will know who you are, the ONE TRUE GOD.. I pray that you would receive all the glory..In Jesus precious name, amen (Fran)

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen, Amen !
On My Knees,
Bend, OR