Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our May 2009 Newsletter

Some may see our blog but not receive our Newsletter.  Here is May 2009....

We are called to preach a message where we live, where we work, where we study, where we play, and where we worship.  The message we desperately all need to hear; despite our sin,  God still loves us and desires to bring us closer to him. 

It struck me today that our concerns in Kenya are no different than that of the Christian Community throughout the world.  Sure we have buffalo attacks, Massai mothers who labor for days at home, and we drive 180 miles to get groceries.  But we have friends, patients, missionaries in our midst that are hurting.  You know who these people are or you may be in need right now.  They are the recently unemployed, the parents with wayward children, the elderly who are physically hurting, the single parents who are emotionally exhausted, the professional who has it all together but is spiritually empty, or the outgoing friend who is inwardly  lonely.  

Let us all reach out ... Love Malin, Sara, Amelia, Meredith

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