Thursday, May 7, 2009

The diseases we see..

    This chart came from a rural dispensary clinic about 20 km from Tenwek called Kiptuwa.  There health care providers record these statistics yearly and are able to compare incidence rates.  Futhermore, they are able to determine whether public preventative health outreaches such as bed nets to prevent malaria, child vaccinations, prenatal  care, and dietary counseling are working.  Myself and the dental outreach team visited this clinic.  I found it interesting that dental disorders was included as number 12...but not surprised as we extracted many teeth that day.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting chart. Thanks for posting it, Malin. It is great that they are doing some research and I love the simplicity of it. No computer needed to see some very interesting research. I don't think that here in the States we realize how much dental health impacts our overall health. I wonder if this statistic comes up in other research here - research other than from a dental clinic. I wonder how many dental issues show up in the St Chas ER. And if there will be more given the state of the economy. I should ask your Dad.

Thanks for this interesting post.
Bend, OR