Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preventative Dental Care in the Bush

     Preventative Dental Care such as teeth cleaning and check-ups are a foreign concept in Kenya.   Typically the only time a Kenyan patient comes to our clinic is when there is a major problem; swelling, pain, bad odor, bleeding gums, or a gigantic portion of their tooth missing,. 
      It was a pleasant surprise to meet Jonathan, a Massai who took interest in caring for his teeth. After I told Jonathan I was a Doctoriae Wa Meno-- (Dentist), we visited the Pepper Plant.   He broke off a branch and we stripped the bark from the limb.  "This is a Massai toothbrush.   Scrub your teeth and you will taste the pepper."
     I'll admit the Pepper Plant toothbrush had a winter-fresh flavor similar to Colgate.  Jonathan worked his toothbrush for the next 30 minutes.   


Megan N said...

You know they use sticks for toothbrushes on the tv show Survivor.

Anonymous said...

dear mailin,sara and amiela and meridith.
i miss you soo much i think about you alot. I miss playing with you. I hpe you are having fun and meeting new people. i say prayers for you. I miss you Malin, sara amelia and Meredith.
Love olivia Duluc