Monday, April 27, 2009

Docotoriae, they have a patient they want you to see

"Doctorie, "  Erick our Oral Health Officer said as I was in the process of completing a root canal.  
"They have a patient they want you to see in Casualty.  He was attacked by a buffalo."  Erick completed the sentence casually just like,  Doctor Friess the patient for the filling cancelled.
     "OK, I think I'll take a break here and go see this patient."  
I walked to Casualty (ER) to find Mamusi Saii and his father dressed in their traditional red Massai blankets.  
        Mamusi is 16 years old.  His story was that a Cape Buffalo (perhaps the most dangerous animal on the Mara) charged him and picked him up in the air.  During the course of this Mamusi's spear gouged his cheek.  He suffered multiple lacerations to his face, swollen eyelids,and a fractured jaw.  Dad and I saw the patient together.  His eye was responsive to light and intact.  His mandible was fractured at the angle.  
      Erick and I spent the morning wiring his teeth together to stabilize the mandible to allow healing.  Mamusi was extremely courageous.  The entire procedure was done under local anesthetic.  
        He seems to be healing well just 3 days after the attack and plan to send him back to the Mara today.  I hope he stays far away from any further encouters with a Cape Buffalo.   


Anonymous said...

Wow, such an encounter for all of you. After a week of company it is good tp be back to beginning the morning reading the Friess Family posts. I am so glad, also, that Pastor Ken got to preach. I wonder what he had to say. Your stories and pics are priceless. I thank you.

May you be blessed today,
Bend, OR

Olivia said...

Dear Ameilia,
I got my ears pierced, I have cupcakes.penquins,flowers,elephants and rhinos and alot more ....I miss you write be back olivia duluc