Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Pain in the....

Where was this arrow located? Culture shock hits everyone eventually and those things that at first seemed endearing, unique, "challenging," about the culture turn into true aggravations and frustrations that in colloquial terms are a "pain in the ....." (and that truly was where this arrow landed over a cow dispute). 

For example, I needed a  STAT lab yesterday. The lab was drawn at 830am and when we went to look for the results at 1030am we found the entire lab taking chai with our lab sitting undone. Now, at first I might have respected the chai break that occurs everyday, but yesterday I just couldn't. In my mind they had already had over 2 hours to run the 3 minute lab test and until that was done there should be no chai. So I asked who was running the INR tests and then asked that person to run the test now. He initially just looked at me and kept sipping his chai, but after standing there, staring at him a good minute he got up and ran the test. 

Chai breaks everyday at around 1030 for a half hour. The socialization and warm drink are enjoyable, but problematic in a hospital. What happens when there is a 1030am emergency c/s and no one wants to leave their tea to set-up the case? What happens when you are in the middle of an operation and the circulating nurse leaves for chai? How do you handle x-ray, lab, ultrasound and out-patient essentially shutting down every morning for tea?

I am trying to figure these things out, along with the many other missionaries before me. So, I try to speak calmly and firmly, and interrupt chai time only when I believe it is truly urgent and can't wait 1/2 hour. And pray that God gives me wisdom to learn from the things I don't understand.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, what a test. I am reading a Nancy Leigh DeMoss book on the importance of daily devotions and how they help in just such situations as you have described. I am reminded that others have such test situations in their lives too. Thank you for sharing about the chai breaks. I guess I will just make myself some Chai at 1030 each day and chill out.

I do so love your posts. Keep 'em coming Friess Family and know that you are held up in prayer each day here in Bend.

Love to you, Kathy