Tuesday, March 17, 2009

6 losses

How does a mom cope with losing 5 babies? Yesterday I delivered a baby with fetal hydrops secondary to Rh isoimmunization (dad's a positive blood type, mom is a negative blood type).In the States, we give Rhogam to prevent this from happening.  After the charge nurse spent her morning calling for a blood donor for the baby and getting the blood ready for immediate exchange transfusion and resuscitation, arranging for the pediatrician to be at delivery and he making sure all resuscitation equipment was available, I started the c/s. The little girl came out with a weak cry, completely pale. She lived 90 minutes. Mercy has now lost 6 babies from the same preventable problem. Please pray for her. The sadness pours from her face and the grief unbelievable and unfair. But even in this, her faith is sincere and strong, that God loves her.

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