Monday, February 2, 2009


Amelia, Meredith and her friends, Elizabeth and Bella enjoyed "ballet dancing" this weekend. We are so thankful for the friendships the girls have made here. Today Amelia added to her animal collection a frog. This frog joins the slugs, chameleons, grasshoppers and other creatures we've had living on our porch. I did awake to Amelia screaming one morning, "Jumper got loose!" That meant the grasshopper was hopping around our living room. (If you come visit, we did find Jumper and he's back outside.)

Most of the time I awake to other phone calls, "Daktari the patient is seizing", "Dr.Sara the patient needs a c-section", "We have a patient who is bleeding," "The placenta is stuck," "This patient doesn't look good," "Our patient's status has changed...." And as I get into my scrubs, coat and work shoes..... Amelia knows what this means and often asks, "Are you going to deliver a girl baby?" Meredith knows what this means,"Kisses mommy, kisses. " But often I don't know what I'm going to find and for the 1/4 mile walk up to the hospital I'm anxious. A lecture was given yesterday on how to present patients to the new interns hoping this would help us anticipate better what we are called to. In all honesty though, I think that there will always be times I'm not entirely certain what to do. For example this past weekend a mother came in with 2 wiggly feet presenting for delivery---c/s or vaginal delivery? I had never seen feet kicking at me from this perspective before; (I choose to deliver vaginally and thankfully all went well.) This can be true of parenting and marriage as well. Sometimes we don't know what. And so, we talk to friends, read books, research and most importantly pray.

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