Sunday, January 4, 2009

Girls Only

Since this is the first post of 2009--Happy New Year. I brought the year in with 6 C-sections in 12 hours. Please pray for safety as I walk to and from the hospital in the middle of the night.  New Year's Day included a family nap. Malin left the following day with another physician here, Dan Hayward, to climb My Kilimanjaro. They'll be gone 8 days and 8 nights. Amelia, Meredith and I decided it would be the perfect time to have a girl sleep over. Amelia's friend Claire came over and we painted toe nails, ate popcorn, and watched The Sound of Music. We're moving in the Dan's wife and 4 boys for the rest of the week. Suzanne has graciously offered to help with the girls as I work (she also looks forward to some girls in the house).

In clinic this week, there was a man on my schedule. I said to the nurse, "I don't see men." She replied, "But you're a gynecologist." So I repeated, "Yes, that's why I don't see men." She said, "But you should be able to help him, you're a gynecologist." I smiled and said, "Yes, my training was in gynecology I have not seen a male patient in over four years." She laughed and said,"Really?" She eventually understood and ended-up calling someone else to see him. But for those of you that our wondering,  his problem was related to a unfortunate accident which he was thinking Viagra would cure. There are many things not available in Kenya, but the "little blue pill" is. 


Grammie said...

We are so glad for the New Year's update and the darling picture. A girls' spa night sounds like a treat indeed. I am glad they are enjoying th emovies we sent. we are praying for everyone in this exciting week. Love, Grammie

Anonymous said...

Hey Grammie, Nice to see your post

Sarah, it is such a privilege to pray for you. As I stood in my kitchen last night making hot Cider I found myself praying for you. To uplift you heart for all of the sadness you encounter, to keep you safe and to always let you focus on your service.

I worked for 16 years an a Home Health nurse mostly in the rural areas of Central Oregon. I remember heading out to the home of someone who was dying and I was praying, "Lord if this work is where you want me to be please let me know. Because it is so hard, I need to know that I am serving you in each home and that it is you who are really sending me." Boy, did he ever answer loud and clear. So may the same be true for you.

I want to come to the next spa night. Put me on the list.

Much love and many prayers,
Bend, OR

Ana said...

Are those three cute girls or what!

Rhonda said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! I really enjoy reading your website. Take care.

The Friess Family said...

Thanks to all who leave comments. We really enjoy reading them!

The Galat Family Kenya Update said...

Looks like the girls had fun! I was walking home from the hospital yesterday and I heard Amelia sining at the top of her lungs "So long, fare well" from the Sound of Music. She has a great voice! Get her on the piano and she'll be a star.

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