Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Off to orientation

Amelia and Meredith enjoyed playing with Grammie the past 5 days. Malin and his dad biked the C&O canal trail (Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.) during that time. Malin will have to blog about their trip sometime. I packed, cleaned, visited friends, and used a spa gift certificate.

Tomorrow we leave for Asheville, North Carolina to go to two conferences. The first, Prescription for Renewal, encourages medical professionals towards mission work and provides some training on 3rd world hospital settings. For example, I'm going to a workshops entitled "Tools for the resource poor surgeon" and "Common fractures and their treatment", "HIV", "Malaria", "TB" diseases I've read a lot about, but rarely seen. The second conference is our orientation to World Medical Mission and will be in Boone, NC.  When we return, we'll have 3-4 days to finish packing the house and then leave Akron Oct 22nd. 

We've been planning this mission for 2 years. So the count down started in years, then months, and now it's weeks. 6 left before we go.

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