Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visit to Great-grandparents

Thankfully Amelia, Meredith and myself completed 800 miles of travel this past week without any problems. Our trip started Sunday with a drive to Saginaw and a visit to Grandma Cichowski and Uncle Luke. After a good bowl of soup and lots of stories, Meredith, Amelia and I slept in one large bed. I think they both got more sleep than I did! Monday we took Grandma on some errands and then went to a park. The engineer/conductor was working on the old child's train in the park and offered to take us on a ride. Then after lunch we left for Fremont, Michigan. 

We arrived in Fremont safely and immediately Amelia and Meredith found some old dolls. These dolls really needed a bath so the girls and the dolls climbed into the tub for some scrubbing. Grandpa took Amelia fishing the next day and we also did some shopping. Wednesday we went to the John Ball Park zoo. Thursday I left again after Grandma and I took the kids to the local park. We stopped in Dundee for the night. The hotel came with a water park which we had to ourselves. Meredith watched Amelia and copied here every move. I'm slowly getting used to Meredith's lack of fear. 

Meredith also had a notable Thursday as she went 3 times on the potty. I'm trying to get her trained so I don't have to use cloth diapers in Cameroon. 

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